New England roundup #8

A sign of New England pizza culture? (cc photo by svadilfari)
A sign of New England pizza culture? (cc photo by svadilfari)

Just a couple of items this week:

  • Today’s Globe features an interview with the CEO of the parent company of Papa Gino’s and D’Angelos—both of which have outlets in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (sorry Vermont!)—about appealing to the New England market. The interview is not actually all that interesting, but I think it highlights how “New England” can sometimes be an ill-fitting unit of analysis of regional culture. CEO Rick Wolf claims that New England has a unique pizza culture of “mom and pop pizzerias,” due to Italian and Greek historical immigrant populations around Boston. But are the (southern) New England states really all that different, in this respect, from the southeastern third of New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania?
  • The new issue of Common-Place includes a fascinating essay by Connecticut Historical Society archivist Barbara Austen. Austen describes the society’s efforts over the last six years to survey and process its many uncatalogued holdings, mostly using a somewhat controversial approach known as “More Product, Less Process” (MPLP), and discusses some of the gems uncovered even through this less painstaking process.

About this feature: Each week, I compile recent articles and other items relating to New England’s history, its regional identity, and its future. If you come across something interesting or relevant, please submit it for inclusion in a future post. Click here for previous roundups.

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