New England roundup #5

  • The "Red Sox Nation Citizens' Entrance" at Fenway Park
    The "Red Sox Nation Citizens' Entrance" at Fenway Park (cc image by Darren Larson)

    With the expected resignation of Hartford mayor Eddie Perez and ascension of city council president Pedro Segarra, and after Cambridge mayor David Maher came out earlier this month, three of New England’s dozen largest cities will have openly gay mayors. The third is David Cicilline, mayor of Providence since 2002 and currently a candidate for the U.S. House. (Cambridge’s last two mayors, Denise Simmons and Ken Reeves, were also openly gay.) Thanks to Ryan for bringing this to my attention!

  • Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino sought—in jest?—on Wednesday to push the boundaries of Red Sox Nation to Connecticut’s southwestern border. The Stamford Advocate quotes Lucchino: “As far as I’m concerned, Connecticut is part of New England. New England has a baseball team, it’s called the Boston Red Sox, and as long as you’re part of New England, you’re part of Red Sox Nation.” Lucchino apparently does not embrace maps like journalist Joel Garreau’s, from The Nine Nations of North America, that exclude Fairfield County from New England.
  • More people are taking cruises to New England ports, the AP reports.

About this feature: Each week, I compile recent articles and other items relating to New England’s history, its regional identity, and its future. If you come across something interesting or relevant, please submit it for inclusion in a future post. Click here for previous roundups.

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