I’m an editor, a writer, and a historian of twentieth-century U.S. culture and politics.

Since 2011, I have worked at Harvard University Press. As an assistant editor there, I acquire and edit new works in history and related fields that appeal to a general audience of intellectually engaged readers as well as to students and scholars across disciplines. I am particularly interested in books on the history of the United States, its culture, its politics, and its place in the world. Other interests include gay and lesbian history, the history of gender and sexuality, African American history, urban history, and New England history. I also assist with HUP’s history and contemporary affairs list. (All opinions herein are mine alone, I should note.)

I received an M.Phil. in history from Yale in 2009. My training focused on U.S. history since 1865, U.S. cultural history, and the history of sexuality.

My writing has been published in GLQ, the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, and at The Lazy Scholar, and I have presented my research to audiences at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and meetings of the Organization of American History and the American Society of Church History. I have served as a teaching assistant for courses in African American, gay and lesbian, and twentieth‐century European history.

I am a 2005 graduate of Harvard, where I concentrated in History and Literature. I live and work in New York City.


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